Your generous donation will help the Franciscan Friars continue to provide the basic necessities of food, clothing, shelter and medical assistance to over 2 million men, women and children at our ministry locations on the East Coast.

For our friends in poverty, the best Valentine's Day gift will not be found in a heart-shaped box. The best gift they can wish for is for their children and infants, especially those living on the streets.

And if you think that these people are inferior or uneducated or weak, think again! Regularly our Inns and Breadline serve families, doctors, Navy Seals, veterans, accountants and numerous other men and women who, in better times, worked jobs on Wall Street.

During this season of love and compassion, the Friars are asking you to open your heart and let these men, women and children know hope is on the way. They depend on our care and your financial support each day to survive.

So many are fed, sheltered, cared for and given some dignity in life because of you and the help you give us. We do all this service in your name and with your blessing.

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